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Harbor Freight 4"x6" Bandsaw Model 37151

If you're starting out in metalworking, you've probably developed quite strong muscles in the arm that does all of the sawing of your metal stock.

There are better ways of cutting off metal stock - the bandsaw! While at just around $200 it may be difficult to initially justify the price of such a machine, but you'll never understand how you went so long without one when you finally have one and cut through your first piece.

This of course assumes that you start with a proper bandsaw blade to begin with - the stock ones that come with the bandsaw typically don't last long and aren't the best. Buying yourself a $15 bi-metal blade such as those made by Aggressor and other makes/models will save you even more time! More on this later.

Within the latter half of 2006, a new model emerged as the 37151's replacement - the 93762 (the red one). Basically the same machine, but with other minor detail differences such as the handle, motor, color (of course), and others.

What hasn't changed is the flimsy stand. This is the one part of the machine that needs a major rework.. Even if it raises the price of the machine by USD$20, it would be well worth it. Trying to tilt the machine enough to roll the bandsaw around on even a smooth surface can be quite a daunty task at times with all of the wobble present. In addition to that, the motor end is much heavier than the other end and will tilt easily.

Stay tuned...


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