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8x12/8x14 LATHE

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HOW-TO Take The Carriage Assembly And Subassemblies Apart (Compound Slide, Etc.)

Taking the carriage/cross-slide/compound apart is straight-forward on the 8x. while out-of-the-box, the machine runs great, sooner or later you'll want to clean it. Here's a quick how-to.

fine feed cross slide
unscrew the fine feed handle until the cross slide screw disengages.

pull unit off compound.

note that there are no nuts.

the compound is the nut.

undo the two jam nuts and pull the assembly apart.

clean and lube.

there are two nuts holding the compound to the carriage.

undo the nuts. note that there are two t-slot bolt that allow you to rotate the compound.

the hole at the bottom of the grooved circle is where you remove/insert the bolts.

here is the underside of the compound.

clean and lube.

cross slide/carriage.
crank the cross slide handle until the screw disengages from the nut.

pull the slide off.

note that if you have the optional chip guard on the back, you will need to remove this first.

this is the underside of the slide.

note that there is a cast iron nut with anti-backlash capabilities. there are no screws in it.

the nut can be removed for cleaning or swapping by removing the philips screw on the top of the slide.

note the gummed up screw.
unscrew the two bolts on the from of the handle/retaining unit.

pull screw and unit out.

disassembly is straight-forward.

here are the parts.

clean and lube bearings.


here it is reinstalled.
clean the cross slide carriage dovetails.


reinstall all parts.

test and adjust gibs as necessary.


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