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8x12/8x14 LATHE

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HOW-TO Tighten The Synch/Timing Belt

The synch belt fit on too loose causing some strange "stripping" noises after turning stock at 0.040"/pass (only two passes). I don't think I could do that with the 7x10 on aluminum..

i finally turned the lathe on today after putting the v and synch belts on.

it happened within 10 minutes of first testing the lathe. i tried a 0.040" cut on 6061. turned fine without causing stalling. but on the second pass, the "stripping noise" started. basically after that, it happened whenever i switched the lathe on. then i realized that without the belts on, i had turned it on and it sounded fine. something else was wrong...

i thought it might be the belts. the v belt was tight. but the timing belt was loose!

the pulley shown at the top is adjustable. i was getting ready to locate another belt! (btw, the manual is useless. it didn't mention that this was adjustable)

so, after closer inspection from within the pulley area (on the other side of what's pictured here), i saw that the pulley had a slot for mounting.

take the cover that sits above the motor on the back of the lathe.

then you have to remove the cover that covers the switch and wires. then remove the other two screws holding the cover in place.
this is what you get.
put the belt on the timing pulleys (on the other side). undo the two nuts and tension the synch belt. tighten the nuts.
notice the tension. now, no more strange noises.
quick tip about removing the belts for gearing purposes.

use a paint can opener from your local hardware store to grab the belt and rest is against the pulley.

with the opener "jammed" between the belt and pulley, rotate the spindle with your hand by using your right hand to rotate the chuck.

the belt will start to rotate off the pulley.

that's it!


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