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7x10, 7x12, 7x14 Mini-Lathe Information

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Here are some measurement and setup tools that will help you get the right dimensions. Remember to measure twice, cut once!

i've left out the obvious like calipers..

the most useful tool is the ruler and edge finder (for me that is).

the centering indicator at the top left corner has a broken arm holder and of course it can't be replaced. time to machine one.

click here to see how to use a wiggler.

this is the edge finder in pieces.

click here to see how to use an edge finder.

these are DTI (dial test indicator) holders. the one on top has a magnetic base with an on/off switch and a groove at the bottom so that it can hold onto the spindle.

the bottom one looks more like a torture device but is used to mount the DTI directly onto the spindle. note: this one is too large for the mini-mill spindle so the thumbscrew has been reversed to allow it to be installed on the mini-mill spindle.

there wasn't a picture above of this DTI. this has .0005" resolution (so they say - you get what you pay for and this was under $20 i think).

click here to see how to use this.

What's the differnce between the cheap ENCO brand layout dye versus the real Dykem brand layout dye? Night and day!


The dye on the left is Dykem. The one on the right that we've been using and have been frustrated over (note the shoddy coverage and this is with prior cleaning of the part!). Frustration be gone! Get Dykem!

Rent Mill & Lathe DVDs at Smartflix | Great aluminum & steel prices at OnlineMetals



Looking for mini-mill help and how-tos? How about lathe help and how-tos?

We're prototyping a benchtop CNC vertical mill using the DigiSpeed-XL interface card for Mach, Dart Controls and KB Electronics KBIC/KBMM 90VDC motor controllers, 1.5HP treadmill motor from Surplus Center and a R8-spindle head from the X2 mini-mill - not to mention Gecko servo drives and an entirely closed-loop system. Come take a look!

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