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7x10, 7x12, 7x14 Mini-Lathe Information

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Improve the motion and accuracy of your mini-mill in your X/Y travel with the ACME leadscrew and "anti-backlash" acetal/delrin leadnuts.

*Ballscrew kits and plans are coming soon too*

ACME Leadscrew Kit

New! 5/8"x10TPI now available!


Shipping charges extra and will require payment once we receive your order. (More info)




Well, if you're content with your mill as-is, there's really no need to quite frankly. We offer this upgrade path to aid in reducing backlash and increase the "smoothness" in motion.

If you have already performed a CNC conversion based on our plans or your own design and still use the machine for manual machining, this upgrade offers a good compromise between the stock leadscrew/bronze nut and ballscrews/ballnuts in that it's more accurate than the stock setup and does not backdrive like ballscrews do.

If you are planning on making your mill cnc-only, we recommend the ballscrew kit (coming soon). This will greatly reduce friction and allow for faster rapids.



There's a trade-off between friction and backlash reduction. In short, if you tighten the nut backlash screws to the point where you can't rotate the screw by hand, you may very well achieve zero backlash, but your motors and your hand won't be able to crank the handles on your mill. On the other hand, if you leave the nut loose (you'll notice play), you can really get your rapids moving fast, but you'll have severe backlash.

We would like to promise truly zero backlash, but in our testing, we were more likely to get repeatable backlash at between 0.003"-0.001". We have found this to be more of a "trial and error" method to "dial in" backlash to a point where hopefully you're happy with the performance.

Sorry, we really would like to guarantee zero backlash, but the best we can promise is that the nuts are adjustable to reduce backlash.

Click here to read more about backlash and lead error.



Pretty easy! The installation takes less than 15 minutes. All you need to do is remove the two leadscrews and the y-axis mounting block and replace them!

We provide 4mm keystock unfiled so that you can better fit them to your handle for a tighter fit.



    • “Bolt-on” kit - no machining required
    • Smoother, faster motion with higher leads (8tpi)
    • Maintains overall effective dimensions
    • No loss in table travel
    • “Anti-Backlash” Acetal/Delrin leadnuts adjustable for backlash
    • Works with our CNC Conversion Plans!



    • X and Y axis 5/8” dia. x 8 tpi ACME leadscrews (rated 0.003”/ft. accuracy)
    • New! 5/8" dia. x 10 TPI now available. Specify at time of ordering. Great for imperial conversions!
    • X and Y axis Acetal/Delrin “Anti-Backlash” leadnuts with setscrews
    • Y axis mounting block with bearings!
    • 2 4mm hex keys for custom fits
    • 4 hex jam nuts
    • 1 spacer washer
    • Printed documentation! Pictures and written text showing you how to install this kit. If you've already purchased our plans in the past, you'll know that we maintain this level of quality in these instructions. And of course, support is always offered -just send us an email!


figNoggle Designs' ACME Leadscrew Kits work with the following Sieg X2 mini-mills:

  • Harbor Freight 44991
  • Grizzly G8689
  • Micro-Mark 82573
  • Homier 3947
  • Cummins 7877



We accept any form of payment PayPal uses as we process online orders via PayPal. We will also accept check or money order. Please email us for more information.

We take pride in the workmanship of these kits. We do our best to make sure all finishes are "pretty" and smooth and fit. Having said that, these kits are made with our own mini-machines in-house. There are limitations of course. While we strive to produce nice finishes and close tolerances, we cannot guarantee that it'll meet milspec or NASA standards. :) Having said that, we wouldn't want to be sold something where a bearings fell out or pieces didn't line up properly - so we wouldn't sell you something like that either. If for some reason you ended up with that scenario, let us know and we'll fix it!

We do not accept returns unless our products arrive damaged in which case a replacement will be offered. Kits are sold as-is with a 30-day warranty. If a screw has a thread that falls off under normal use, we'll replace it. If your leadnut cracks under normal use, we'll replace it. If you spin your new motor mount bearings at 1,000 rpm you'll not only burn out the bearings, you'll need to replace them yourself. Sorry.

We assume no liability for how kits are used.

Once we receive confirmation of your PayPal payment, we will process your order. Once your order ships, we'll email you the tracking number. If you have special instructions, please email us first!

Your email address will be stamped on each page of the instrucions in order to help prevent unauthorized distribution. Your email address and personal information is held strictly confidential. We will not share, sell or do anything with your email address.

The bottom line policy: We'll cover workmanship defects within 30 days of delivery with the start date as indicated by your tracking receipt. We want you to be happy! We'll do our best to make everything as we would want it- great quality products with friendly service.



In four easy steps:

  1. Click the "Add to Cart" button and pay using PayPal. Please be sure to include your preferred method of delivery (it will be with UPS):
    1. Ground
    2. Overnight
    3. 2nd day
    4. 3rd day
    5. International Overnight
    6. International 2-3 day
  2. Once we receive notification of the payment, we will process and prepare the order for shipment, at which time we will determine your exact shipping cost.
  3. We will then email you with these charges
  4. Once we receive notification of payment for the shipping charges (you will need to use Paypal to email us this payment), we will ship it per the determined method and email you a tracking number.

That's it! Please bare with us as we work out this ordering process. We want to make it as painless as possible for both you and us!



This is our first kit offered, so we'll be working out details for shipping with PayPal.

For stateside (continental USA) shipping, we will ship via UPS Ground service (unless otherwise specified) and provide a tracking number the moment your order ships.

For international shipping (and states outside of the continental 48 states), we will find the most cost-effective shipping method that doesn't take forever. (We wont ship by boat unless you specify!)


ACME Leadscrew Kit


Shipping charges extra and will require payment once we receive your order. (More info)


If we sell the kits, we sell the plans! Please stay tuned.


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